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InnoAg Gro

Grow it Faster and stronger naturally – Grow it with InnoAg Gro.

InnoAg Gro is a fertilizer with a special formulation that supplies Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium to plants. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium are primary nutrients and play a vital role in plant growth. These nutrients support the most essential functions of the plant i.e. promoting growth and protecting it. N and P are building blocks of plant tissue as they are constituents of proteins and nucleic acids and K is important for regulating plant processes such as osmosis and enzyme activities. InnoAg Gro supplies 7% N, 10% P, and 1% K to the plant.

InnoAg Gro’s formulation can be used stand-alone or with fertilizer programs. It has been tested by different universities, specialists, and organizations in different parts of the world and found that it speeds up the growth of nursery plants. It has been proven to increase the yield and quality of hydroponic crop products too. InnoAg Gro’s formulation has also resulted in better rooting and faster growth of turfgrass. It helps promote strong crop establishment due to faster germination and vigorous root and vegetative growth. It can be used throughout the season to enhance fruit setting and quality.

InnoAg Gro is intended to supplement any fertilizer program. It is highly compatible and can be combined with most of the fertilizers and pesticides. It is a foliar and soil fertilizer and can be used in a variety of crops such as vegetables, fruit trees, nut trees, and row crops. InnoAg Gro is highly recommended for growers who desire to decrease the amount of synthetic fertilizers while increasing crop yield and at the same time reducing costs. InnoAg Gro supports sustainability by increasing the effectiveness of any fertilizer program. This product can be purchased from the Primary BioAg Innovation’s website and is available in several states including Arizona, Colorado, California, Idaho, Indiana, Florida, Utah, Texas, Ohio, Washington, and others.

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