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We market proven, unique, well differentiated, safe and efficacious bio-nutritional products!

Our products are compatible for integrated & sustainable crop management for improved crop productivity & profitability for farmers and contribute to food safety and food security for consumers.

Global BioAg Innovations’™ products…

…are non-toxic for the food and the environment. We are committed to help farmers meeting the global food demand without compromising our biodiversity and environment.

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There is a need…

…worldwide, to help promote the adoption of crop strategies that support regenerative agriculture practices and improves soil biodiversity for sustainable farming and to encourage integrated soil management approaches. We at Global BioAg Innovations build on the research, knowledge, expertise, progress and innovative technologies , globally. Achieving these goals requires a new mindset and behavior of all the people involved in the agriculture and food sector, from the innovators, farmer to consumer, we are the bridge and the linkage.

At BioAg Innovations™…

…we have put our hearts and passion into achieving these goals. We have strategically partnered with other global leaders in the BioAg segment to provide farmers with innovative BioAg products for greater crop productivity and profitability, while achieving healthy soil and sustainability. Our product solutions are designed for a variety of crops and for targeting specific plant health challenges.

PBI Product Lineup

Our early-stage products…

…include Bio-fertilizers, Bio-nutrients In collaboration with global leaders, together we are truly motivated to develop and discover new solutions in the microbial and biological categories for the benefit of the BioAg industry.

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