About Us

True innovation starts with passion to improve the plant & human health.

Providing farmers with sustainable agricultural products for crop productivity & profitability.

There is a need worldwide, to help promote the adoption of strategies. Strategies that enhance the important roles and functions of soil biodiversity for sustainable farming and encourage integrated soil management based on research, knowledge, expertise, progress and innovative technologies. This requires a new mindset and behavior of everyone involved, from farmer to consumer.

BioAg Innovations’ products are non-toxic for the food and the environment. We are committed to helping farmers meet the global food demand without compromising our biodiversity and environment.

BioAg Innovations

We have put our hearts and passion into achieving these goals. We have strategically partnered with other global leaders in the BioAg technology research-based industry to provide farmers with innovative BioAg products for greater crop productivity and profitability while achieving healthy soil and sustainability. Our product solutions are designed for a variety of crops and for targeting specific plant health challenges.


Our products include Biofertilizers and Bionutritionals. In collaboration with our global partners, we are truly motivated to develop and discover new solutions in the microbial and biological categories for the benefit of the BioAg industry.

Innovation, Product Differentiation, and Value Add is our Main Focus

Our Mission

To provide Global, Integrated, Sustainable Soil to Shelf Plant Health Solutions, for food safety and food security.

Who We Are

BioAg Innovations™ (BAI) is striving to be a best in-class bio-agriculture and biochem solution company with a unique and diverse product portfolio including Biofertilizers, Bionutritionals and Biostimulants with an inclusive soft chemistry approach. 

Innovative Partners with Innovative Products

We have strategically partnered with global companies who align with our vision of providing differentiated and truly sustainable BioAg solutions. In collaboration with our global partners, we are motivated to find new differentiated BioAg products in the microbial & plant extract.

Have a ‘truly’ innovative or differentiating BioAg product?


Passionate, Driven, Global Optimists

A passionate, committed, and innovative TEAM for true sustainability, food safety and food security.
BioAg Innovations combines individuals with a collective experience of over 100+ years in agriculture.

The BAI team is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for our farmers.