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InnoAg Pro: The Performance Enhancer for Any Agri-Input

InnoAg Pro is an adjuvant which delivers plant protection products more efficiently to plant cells. According to (a joint project of the University of Georgia and UDA), adjuvants are chemically and biologically active compounds and improve the effectiveness of the pesticide they are added to by either increasing its desired impact and/or decreasing the total amount of formulation needed to achieve the desired impact. Some adjuvants alter the formulation to cover plant surfaces more completely and evenly, others increase the formulation’s penetration through the cuticular wax, cell walls, and/or stomatal openings. Also, adjuvants have been proven to enhance the formulation’s ability to kill the targeted species as well as to improve a pesticide’s efficacy reducing the total amount of pesticide required to achieve a given effect.

InnoAg Pro has a unique formulation developed locally in the United States. It has been proven to increase the effectiveness of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and defoliants. It contains silicon dioxide and humic acid which helps in fastening the weed burndown. InnoAg Pro also enhances the delivery of active ingredients to plant cells thereby supporting the control of tough weeds, plant pathogens, and insect pests.

The formulation has been tested by different universities, specialists, and organizations and found that application rates of active ingredients were reduced, the effectiveness of fungicide applications was improved and approximately 25% higher concentration of active ingredient was found in the plant tissue post-application. It has also been found in trials that the formulation increases the effectiveness of pesticides especially herbicides and has been able to control 100% weed with a reduced dosage of the active ingredient by approximately 60%.   InnoAg Pro has also shown to increase the effectiveness of defoliants in irrigated cotton and to provide the same level of defoliation with half the defoliant dose as compared to 100% defoliant rate plus NIS.

InnoAg Pro is intended to be tank-mixed with agricultural products to improve absorption and can be used with most herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides which allow the use of adjuvants. With all the above benefits, adding an appropriate adjuvant can decrease the amount of pesticide applied and lower total costs for pest control. Moreover, adjuvants contribute to sustainable agriculture by reducing the use of pesticides. InnoAg Pro is available in Florida, Oregon, Texas, and Arizona and will soon be available in many more states. InnoAg Pro can be bought online from the Primary BioAg Innovations website. Click here to purchase and know ongoing offers.

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