InnoAg Gro


InnoAg Gro is a fertilizer with a special unique formulation which makes its NPK readily available to plants. The use of InnoAg Gro promotes strong crop establishment by supporting germination, root, and vegetative growth.  Apply InnoAg Gro at 4 ounces per acre  1-4 times during the growing season at planting/ early season, flowering, and fruiting development.

InnoAg Gro can be used in a variety of crops such as Nut trees, Vegetables, Fruit trees,  Row crops, and Turf.  It can also be applied to Nurseries and Hydroponic systems.




Nutrient Percentage (%)
Total Nitrogen (N) 7.0
Available P2O5 10.0
Soluble Potash (K20) 1.0

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32 fl oz (0.94 L), 1 gal (3.78 L)

Key Benefits

InnoAg Gro supports:

  • Fast crop establishment
  • Fruit set and fruit quality
  • Strong root developmen

Use 4 fluid ounces (118.2 ml) per acre by diluting 2.5 gallons (9.46 liters) of product with 80 gallons (308.2 liters) of water. Apply 1 gallon of the dilution to one acre.

Trial Data


InnoAg Gro: Plain Label

InnoAg Gro: SDS


InnoAg Gro


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