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PBI Products: Path to Sustainability

Primary BioAg Innovations (PBI) with the aim to promote integrated sustainable soil-to-shelf plant health solutions for farmers provides bio-nutritional and biopesticide solutions to effectively support all aspects of sustainability. PBI has a diverse range of products in collaboration with different innovation partners, bringing out the best to farmers. All our products are safe for food as well as the environment.

To bring the best products to farmers, we strategically partner with companies that support a zero-residue approach in the product as part of their unique sustainability strategy. The partnership model is focused and depends on mutual trust at each level of product distribution. In order to safeguard farmers’ interest, PBI has experts from all agricultural areas such as crop production, entomology, plant nutrition on its team, who make sure that products offered are genuine and good not only for plant and soil as well as the environment and complete food chain.

Agriculture in its natural form has the potential to replenish soil, maintain biodiversity, and sustain ecological balance. The only viable option to feed the ever-growing world population in the face of climate change and with limited resources is shifting to sustainability and regenerative agriculture. At PBI we understand that bio-products are a necessary element for Regenerative/Sustainable/Organic agriculture as part of integrated crop management. We know that plants need more than macro and micronutrients and chemicals to fight weeds, insects, and pathogens. Further, the soil is not just an input, it’s a complete system that facilitates plant growth and development. Despite all external inputs, unhealthy soil can never produce a healthy plant capable of high quality and yield. Hence, we have holistically worked on our product range to fulfill all soil and plant needs in the most efficient manner. PBI has bio-fertilizers, bio-stimulants, bio-adjuvants, and biopesticide products.

PBI products are designed to support plants throughout their life cycle, considering different plant needs at different growth stages, from germination to harvest. Fueled by advanced science and years of research from innovation partners, the company’s products optimize the natural processes in plants, aid growth, and provide strength to resist abiotic and biotic stress. Currently, PBI has nine products in its portfolio and many more in the pipeline viz. InnoAg Pro, InnoAg Gro, InnoAg Harvest, and InnoAg Start to name a few. 

We at PBI are driven by our passion for sustainable agriculture and our mission to serve farmers globally and are leaving no stone un-turned to bring out the best possible products to farmers all across the globe.

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