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Primary BioAg Innovaations Enters Turkey

PBI Products – Turkey

It is well known that the COVID-19 pandemic had many social and economic effects all over the world. During this time, people’s priorities changed on many issues. In this new environment, in addition to what preventative measures were taken, the importance of food security and safety has increased rapidly becoming the top priority of many people.

Unlike the many economic activities that have been able to come to a standstill, the cessation of agricultural production and, in particular that of crops, would be disastrous. Good quality of agricultural inputs (fertilizers, biostimulants and crop protection products) are crucial in order to maintain crop production and keep productivity.

Turkey has more than 23 million hectares of cultivated land and is a heavily agricultural country growing many crops, especially vegetables, fruits, cereals, fiber crops, etc. In different climatic regions of Turkey, vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and eggplants and fruits such as grapes, apples, pears, peaches, apricots and cherries are produced in large quantities. Still there are other products including wheat, rice, olives, citrus, hazelnuts, corn, sugarbeet and cotton.

PBI’s passion and commitment towards sustainable agriculture has been our driving force and sole reason of entering Turkish agricultural market. As a company, we want to serve Turkish agriculture with best sustainable agricultural inputs. We are working on introducing our products to the Turkish agricultural market at a fast pace. The trials of many of our products, especially InnoAg Stimgo, InnoAg Start, InnoAg More, InnoAg Harvest,  are ongoing in Turkish operations; especially on greenhouse vegetables. We have plans to license these products in the country and offer them to Turkish farmers within a short time. We believe that we can help Turkish growers with PBI products to produce more and higher quality crops to enhance food security and safety of the country.

About the Author

This article is written by Umit Ersoz. Umit is Business Development Partner of PBI and GBAL in Turkey.  He is a skilled professional with over 33 years’ experience in agribusiness, R&D and regulatory aspects. He expertise in product trials and product registrations. He also has hands on experience in Product stewardship and business development and has an in-depth understanding of Turkish agriculture.

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