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InnoAg Start

Synergistic Nutrient Combination to get crops to a great START.

InnoAg Start is a unique bio-nano foliar fertilizer with the ideal mix of primary, macro and micronutrients, not just traditional micro-nutrients. Besides NPK in equal proportions (14-14-14), it also supplies Ca, Mg and 6 essential micro-nutrients. Its unique formulation supports a uniform distribution of nutrients required for the initial growth stage and higher uptake. At the initial stages of plant growth, NPK plays a major role in stem and leaf growth, seed germination, root development, stress resistance and improvement of stem rigidity. It acts as a structural component of cell walls and improves root hairs (feeder roots).

It has been observed that the presence of many nutrients together can trigger chemical reactions leading to antagonism among nutrients. However, what distinguishes InnoAg Start is the perfect nutrient synergy, which is due to its proprietary technology. All the nutrients work with each other through the addition of proprietary enzymes derived from microbial extraction. The process starts with the isolation of microbes specialized in plant growth promotion, enhancement of nutrient availability, and performance. Metabolites containing enzymes are extracted from these microbial isolates and added to the InnoAg Start formulation. This combination also aids in chlorophyll production, cell wall formation, Nitrogen fixation, Nitrogen assimilation and Nitrogen metabolism.

The InnoAg Start formulation aids nutrient performance allowing for a lower dose, thereby reducing residues and cost per acre. InnoAg Start is used during the Initial Vegetative Growth stage of the crop. It can also be utilized at the fruiting stage (after 4–5 pickings) in multiple harvest crops. InnoAg Start supports sustainability by enhancing nutrient performance with its synergistic effect. The product is available for sale in various states such as Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Texas, Utah etc. and can be purchased from our website

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