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PBI and Innovation Partners: Win-Win Partnership at All Levels

Primary BioAg Innovations (PBI) is one of its kind global commercialization platform providing bio-nutritional solutions to effectively support all aspects of sustainability. PBI has a diverse product range in collaboration with different leading innovation partners, bringing out the best to farmers. It strategically partners with companies that support a zero-residue approach based on true innovations in the product as part of their unique sustainability strategy. The partnership model is focused and depends on mutual trust at each level of product distribution.

At PBI, we understand that innovators across the globe invest millions of dollars into R&D of bio-products, and making the quality products accessible to farmers is a necessity to ensure sustainability. PBI partners with sincere innovators in different parts of the world to promote integrated sustainable soil-to-shelf plant health solutions for farmers, globally. The global spread of innovation partners enables us to provide the best quality products to farmers locally through our network.  With agricultural experts as part of our team, we make sure that different needs of farmers for different crops in different parts of the world are catered.

The partnership model has been designed in a unique manner to serve the growers’ best interest as well as reduce overhead cost and spread out the risk for innovation partners with income for all participants in the model. The private-label model enables PBI to create a new revenue stream for the innovation partners while having them continue with their own branded commercialization strategy.

PBI is growing at a fast pace and is expanding its wings in different parts of the world. PBI is geared up to capture the large global market with its high quality- need-based products as well as wide and deep global reach. PBI leverages on the huge network of its Business Development Partners (BDPs) in more than 10 countries serving North and South American, Asian, European, Australian as well as some parts of the African market.  Our BDPs have the technical expertise and proven experience in the global agriculture industry. We offer our innovation partners an opportunity to stand on the shoulder of giants without incurring a huge cost and take the best bio solutions to farmers across the globe.

At PBI we believe sustainability, is not just a word, but the path to making communities resilient. We are driven by our passion for sustainable agriculture and look for the same in our innovation partners. Sustainable agriculture in its true form holds the potential to protect and improve the natural environment, benefit society while being profitable for farmers. With this philosophy and the right collaborations, we are determined to make a mark in the industry.

We are not here just for business; we are here to impact the way we do business and impact lives!

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