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InnoAg Stimgo

Reduce plant stress while increasing yield and quality!

InnoAg Stimgo is an effective way to enhance tolerance to abiotic stress and absorption of essential nutrients with a simple foliar application. Its vigorous impact aids in plant development thanks to the power of its combined organic ingredients.

InnoAg Stimgo Product Image

InnoAg Stimgo is an innovative fertilizer based on 100% organic plant-derived protein hydrolysate nitrogen. It also contains peptides and organic carbon. InnoAg Stimgo activates photosynthesis, improves nutrient uptake and regulates phytohormones. It improves plant growth and supports the most important phases of plant development: growth, flowering, and fruit development and quality.

InnoAg Stimgo contains 5% organic nitrogen, 19% organic carbon and 31% vegetal origin peptides. The peptides in InnoAg Stimgo affect the growth and development of plants and regulate various protection responses. One of the peptides already identified in this product has shown to be active in all tested crops. This peptide improves cell multiplication and lateral rooting. It also aids germination and plant development.

Image depicting difference in Vegetative growth in Soyabean and less firing in Corn with the use of InnoAg Stimgo.

The nitrogen in InnoAg Stimgo is rapidly absorbed by leaves and translocated in plant tissue while the organic carbon improves soil aeration, water retention and drainage. It also increases nutrient holding capacity of the soil and fosters healthier and productive growth of the plant.   InnoAg Stimgo is suitable for use on all growing plants. It may be used in combination with fertilizer programs to help achieve high productivity and quality.  

InnoAg Stimgo has shown excellent results for many crops such as soybeans, corn, sugarcane, sugarbeet, grapes, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and ornamentals. When applied in corn, tank-mixed with herbicide, results in less firing and denser crop canopy. Also, as evident in picture, in soybean it gives better plant growth and abiotic stress recovery. It can be applied in the form of foliar spray and tank mix. InnoAg Stimgo is now available for sale. Click here to know about ongoing offers.  

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