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InnoAg Pro Controls Imperata Cylindrica (Cogongrass) to Perfection

InnoAg Pro is a bio-nano adjuvant that delivers plant protection products more efficiently to plant cells. It has been proven to increase the effectiveness of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and defoliants. When tank-mixed with an herbicide, InnoAg Pro creates a shield around the active ingredient which increases spread and adhesion to the weed surface, and penetration onto the weed tissue making active ingredients more effective. The increased pesticide effectiveness triggered by InnoAg Pro frequently allows for a 25 to 30% rate reduction on pesticide application.  

Recently, InnoAg Pro was tested in Indonesia for its efficacy against Imperata cylindrica, a rapid growing perennial grass infesting oil palm. The species is commonly known in English as “cogongrass”. Other common names in English include kunai grass, blady grass, satintail, spear grass, sword grass, thatch grass, alang-alang, lalang grass, cotton wool grass, and kura-kura among others. Cogongrass is native to Thailand, Philippines, Japan, portions of East China, and East Africa. Some countries in Southern and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, North America, South America, and Oceania have listed it as an invasive weed species.  Several US states have declared cogongrass as a noxious weed.   

The objective of this trial was to compare the effectiveness of Glyphosate to control Cogongrasswhen applied alone and in conjunction with InnoAg Pro. Four treatments were performed with different dose combinations of InnoAg Pro and Glyphosate. Each treatment had four replications. The volume of water used was 500 L/ha and the plot size was 10 m x 20 m (200 m2) each. The treatments are described below: 

L1: Glyphosate 2 L/Ha; 

L2: InnoAg Pro 300 mL/Ha + Glyphosate 2 L/Ha;  

L3: InnoAg Pro 300 mL/Ha + 75% Glyphosate rate (1.5 L/Ha); 

L4: InnoAg Pro 300 mL/Ha + 50% Glyphosate rate (1 L/Ha); 

L5: InnoAg Pro 300 mL/Ha + 25% Glyphosate rate (0.5 L/Ha) 


The trial images clearly show that the addition of InnoAg Pro to glyphosate treatment sped up the rate of leaf burndown and reduced the number of weeds in the field. Treatments L2 (InnoAgPro + full Glyphosate rate) and L3 (InnoAg Pro + 75% Glyphosate rate) provided better and faster weed control than Glyphosate alone at the full dose. InnoAg Pro did not show any sign of phytotoxicity to the immature Oil Palm plants.   

Effect of Different Treatments on the control of Iperata cylindrica (Cogongrass) after 4 weeks of application

Under the conditions of this trial, the results support the assertion that a 25% reduction in Glyphosate rate delivers superior weed control when the herbicide is tank-mixed with the nano adjuvant, InnoAg Pro. The addition of InnoAg Pro to the standard Glyphosate treatment is not only a cost-effective option, but it is also a step towards sustainability. To know more about how InnoAgPro can help your crop productivity and customized solutions, please contact or call 844-464-2374.   

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