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InnoAg More: Because More Matters

InnoAg More is a biologically derived foliar nutritional and abiotic stress mitigation product. It gives plants a boost against abiotic environmental stresses such as salinity, drought, and extreme temperature and supplies primary nutrients and micronutrients including Boron, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc to help optimize plant growth.  This product is a storehouse of naturally occurring plant growth nutrients. InnoAg More is derived from the kelp, Ascophyllum nodosum, a cold-water seaweed, via a novel lacto-fermentation process, which helps make the nutrients bioavailable to plants.

During the lacto-fermentation process, the seaweed contained in InnoAg More is broken down by microbes. This proprietary process converts long-chain polypeptides into shorter peptides that are more easily used by the plant. At the same time, the complex polysaccharides from the seaweed are converted into shorter sugar molecules, which help re-build the soil microbiome. After the fermentation process is completed, a micronutrient package is then added to make InnoAg More even more for your crops.

The EDTA chelation in InnoAg More ensures that the micronutrients remain active in soil or during the spray operation until absorbed by the plant through leaves or via roots. On the other hand, Sulphate- and Oxide-derived micronutrients have relatively low plant uptake in comparison to the amount of micronutrient applied. The most common issue with Sulphate-based micronutrients is of precipitation. Phosphorus in the soil react with the sulphate micronutrient and forms insoluble precipitate crystals. Hence micronutrients are fixed in the soil and take longer to be available for plant uptake.

InnoAg More has been proven to aid root growth. A healthier plant with a stronger root system can absorb greater amounts of available nutrients and water from the soil. It gives the treated plant a boost against abiotic environmental stresses such as salinity, drought, and extreme temperature. Also, Nitrogen, polysaccharides, and peptides present in InnoAg More promote shoot and leaf growth.

 InnoAg More is best used during the vegetative stage of plant growth. This allows for faster plant establishment and more rapid development to the reproductive stage. InnoAg More promotes sustainability as the product contains short-chain polysaccharides that aid beneficial soil microbial activity which in turn helps in rebuilding soil health. Also, with chelated micronutrients, it reduces the amount of micronutrient to be applied. The product is available for sale in various states including Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Utah, and others. To know of ongoing offers and get the product, please visit:

4 thoughts on “InnoAg More: Because More Matters

  1. Our product solutions are designed for a variety of crops and for targeting specific plant health challenges.

  2. Our products are compatible for integrated & sustainable crop management for improved crop productivity & profitability for farmers and contribute to food safety and food security for consumers. If Anyone interested to market this product pls feel free to call me on 860-867-9212.

  3. Very much interested for Potato crop.
    My potato crop is in vegetative stage and I would certainly love to try it

    1. Thanks, Abhiram for your comment and interest. Our representative will soon reach out to you.

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